Betting Problems

When you bet for real money online at prediction sites, having issues with your transactions is something you want to avoid. In this guide we check how these betting problems are solved. Find tips that will help you to continue playing for money on internet and winning without problems. We give you a list of most common issues among those who gamble online.

Incorrectly Settled Bets at Prediction Sites

In case you experience difficulties with settled bets, you should always contact customer support immediately. This betting problem is uncommon, meaning that something must have gone terribly wrong. Technical platform of your prediction site should be well-tested and no issues with settling your bet in a correct way should occur.

Customer support of your betting site will be able to assist you. Provide your Coupon ID that can be found in your Bet History within your player account and let them know. If they can’t solve this problem, turn to their licensing body and make a complaint. Remember, you should always check for the license in the footer, when playing for real money at prediction sites. This is a proof that there is an official company behind the site and that it is no scam.

Problems with Voided Bets when Betting Online

When a bet online has been voided on your player account, it means you have been refunded your initial stake. Prediction sites return money you have placed on a football match or any other betting market. It can happen because of many different reasons.

If you have a void selection in a combined bet when betting online, this selection should be settled with odds 1.00. This means you get your money back from your betting site. The rest of the combination bet you have placed will have its odds recalculated. If you have bet on double with odds 3.00 on both predictions, you would get 3 times the money on this combo.

Process of Cancelling your Bet

Be sure to check your slip before you confirm every bet you make on prediction sites online. Unfortunately, the owners of the sites will not process requests to void any bets that were made by mistake. It is often totally impossible to cancel placed bets. Some operators might give you this option, but only if you are doing that before the match starts.

One of the best tips for cancelling your bet is therefore to place a different bet on another outcome. In this case you would win something, no matter the result. Your total loss will then depend on the difference of odds and, hence, on the level of rake that your prediction site withholds for every bet you make. Note, that this tip is not valid for bets with many different prediction options, such as tournament bets.

Placing Bets for Small Money

In many cases we want to place bets for a very small amount of money. This can be the case, when we are not rich or when we have just some pennies left in our player account at prediction site. When trying placing small bets, you might get into problems, due to restrictions for minimum size of your bet.

The minimum bet at online prediction sites varies according to the currency and here are some examples of minimum stakes offered by most sportsbook operators with a license:

  • EUR 0.10
  • CAD 0.10
  • BRL 0.30
  • SEK 1.00
  • USD 0.10
  • AUD 0.10
  • NZD 0.10

As you can see, normal minimum size of your bet is somewhere around 0.10 or similar in another currency.

Problems with Placing Big Bets

The stake limit for big bets varies depending on which sport or market you are betting on. There is no fixed maximum amount allowed overall for bets at most prediction sites. In many cases you will get a personal limit set by sportsbook management, if you are very successful with your betting.

If you enter a stake that is above the max bet limit, you will be informed about the maximum stake permitted for that bet at that time. This means that the stake offered at that point is the maximum you will be allowed to place on that selection.

Limits on How Much You Can Win on Betting

Unfortunately, there are also limits on maximum winning per customer, when playing for real money online. At many prediction sites the ceiling for how much you can win is set somewhere around 100 000 euro, dollar or pounds per each bet you place.

Furthermore, many of sportsbook sites have an additional limit rule forĀ  maximum of winnings on your predictions per day and week. You should always check the rules of your betting site before you place crazy bets with very high odds. If you experience that you have been scammed by a prediction sites that allowed you to place a bet, but will not let you withdraw winnings, contact the organisation that issued their sportsbook license for help.

Problems with Locked Funds at Betting Sites

When you claim your bonus on sportsbook or casino, there are some rules that might get your funds locked or frozen. This does not apply to all prediction sites. You should check terms and conditions before you start playing in order to see what is valid for your specific case. Many players get problems with this type of offers. This is why fair betting sites prefer to run welcome campaigns that do not involve freezing your money.

In case the site has offers with locked funds, the initial deposit you make becomes reserved money. This means it is locked to Betting or Casino in order to facilitate you in the wagering requirements of the bonus chosen. The reserved money and the bonus can only be used in the specific product, until the reserved amount and bonus amount has been wagered a certain number of times set by prediction site.

Usually for casino offers you are required to wager the bonus amount received for between 30 and 45 times before you can make a withdrawal. For betting bonuses you are normally asked by prediction sites to place bets with odds of 2.0 or higher in order to wager the amount. The rules can vary depending on the promotion and site. So for solving this problem and learning the exact requirements kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions of your betting site and its specific bonus you have claimed.