Inactive and Dormant Accounts

In this short article we will quickly introduce the concept of inactive and dormant accounts at prediction sites. We will explain the difference between those two terms that are common in the world of online gambling. Hopefully, this information will help you to avoid problems when using online betting sites for placing real money on football and other sports.

Difference between Inactive and Dormant Gambling Accounts

Sites use these two terms for distinguishing gambling accounts that have not been active for a certain period of time. If you have not logged in into your betting site account, the counter is set. Your player account can be locked, if you will not visit the site again and enter your player area. The main difference is that accounts become inactive first after a certain number of months. The next step is for them to become dormant, in case you continue not using the site.

Example for periods used by prediction sites online for inactive and dormant accounts:

  • Inactive accounts are accounts that have not been accessed for 12 months;
  • Dormant accounts are accounts that have not been accessed for 30 months.

Standard rules for Inactive and Dormant Accounts Online

Inactive accounts which still hold a balance will have an administration fee of certain amount. The money gets deducted from your inactive player account every month, until the account is activated again or there is no longer a positive balance. If the balance is 0, the fee won’t be deducted. If you have little money in your account, the only amount taken will be the money you have left and you will not continue to be debited.

In case your prediction site is licensed in Malta, special rules apply. After 30 months when they become dormant accounts they will be closed and any remaining funds will be transferred to the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). This is a requirement from the MGA. Details on how you can claim the fee back can be found further below in our FAQs.