Technical Problems

There are many aspects of technical safety, below you can find a few major precautions that have been established by our company:

Physical safety – Our servers are placed in highly protected premises, where all employees have been security cleared.

Security breach protection – Our servers are protected by a complex and verified firewall system.

Data integrity – All sensitive communication between your browser and our servers is encrypted.

  1. Which web browser should I use?

We recommend you to use the latest version of Internet ExplorerMozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. For Mac users we recommend Safari.

  1. Can I play at Betzest from a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, you can! Access our mobile site by visiting from any mobile browser.

On our mobile site you can have the same experience as on desktop.

  1. Trouble shooting

If you have troubles with playing on Betzest, please follow these steps:

– Make sure that your pop-up blocker is disabled,
– Do you have the latest versions of Java and Adobe Flash Player? To download Java and Flash player please click on the links.
– Check that you have the latest version of your browser.
– Check that your firewall is enabled.

If you’re still experiencing trouble you can contact our Customer Service who will be able to help you further. For faster help it would be great if you could provide the below information:

– Your username,
– Operating System,
– Error descriptions,
– Please provide a screenshot if possible, is this the first time you have encountered this problem or a recurrent issue?
– Do you have firewall? If yes, which one?

  1. How do I clear my cache and cookies?

If you experience technical difficulties while using our site, we recommend clearing cookies and temporary internet files.

If you are using Internet Explorer, click here.
If you are using Google Chrome, click here.
If you are using Mozilla Firefox, click here.
If you are using Safari, click here.


  1. What happens if I lose my Internet connection during a game?

You will not lose your money or any winnings if you lose your connection to our server during the game. All game rounds are logged separately, and if an error occurs, all the information will still be available.

If you get disconnected while playing, open the game again and it will continue from where you left off. Slots that were spinning during the cut will finish the round even if connection is lost. You will be able to check the outcome of your last round by going to the game settings and selecting the “Game History” option.

  1. An error or other technical issue occurred in a Casino game during gameplay. Where can I report this?

First of all, every spin and transaction you make is recorded in our database. If you feel there has been some error during your gameplay, please contact our Customer Service immediately and provide them with the following information:

Game name
Time played
Stake amount and balance before and after the issue occurred
Any error message you have received (please provide a screenshot if possible)
Is this the first time you are experiencing this issue? Are you able to play in any other game?

Remember that the above-mentioned information is essential and it will allow us to solve the issue in a quick and timely manner.